Customs & Border Protection at ALB

Albany International Airport is an Airport of Entry (AOE) to the United States. 

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) must be notified at least two hours in advance of an aircraft arrival time at the Albany International Airport.

Albany is an "international airport of entry” as defined in 19 CFR §122.13.  It is the pilot's responsibility to notify CBP of an incoming flight. Notification may be made by any means including ADCUS message in the flight plan through the FAA. Pilots are encouraged to communicate directly with CBP at 518 431-0200,  800 973-2867 or 407 975-1740.

Information regarding crew, passengers, and cargo on board an aircraft arriving from or departing for foreign destinations must be transmitted electronically to CBP as per 19 CFR Part 122, subparts C, E, G, and H.

The Air Traffic Control Tower will direct incoming international General Aviation flights to the CBP office ramp.

The CBP office can be reached at 518 431-0200. After hours calls from the United States can be directed to the National Law Enforcement Communications Center toll-free number at (800) 973-2867. Calls from outside the United States should be directed to (407) 975-1740.

United States Customs and Border Protection Website

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