The Albany International Airport Ambassador program has served as the cornerstone of the Airport's customer service initiatives. The Ambassador program is integral to fulfilling the mission of the airport as "The Friendliest Airport in the World." Clad in burgundy blazers, Ambassadors evoke a smile when travelers read the large pin they wear, "I'm Here To Help."

The Ambassador program was launched in 1995 to assist travelers on their journey and help them to locate such things as arrival and departure gates, telephones, baggage claim and ticket areas. Today, our Ambassadors number over 130. A number of our Ambassadors are accompanied by their companion dogs who are on hand to provide support and comfort to any fearful, anxious or apprehensive traveler. 

Become an Ambassador

Becoming an Ambassador can be a rewarding experience. The Airport is always interested in hearing from individuals who may wish to become Ambassadors. If you have an interest in helping others and being of service to the Airport community, contact the Albany County Airport Authority at 242-2222 Ext. 1.

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