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Opportunities for Artists

  • Gallery Exhibitions

Artists living and/or working within 100 miles of Albany, NY who wish to be considered for exhibitions in one of Albany International Airport’s galleries may submit electronic images of their work with supporting materials. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Current résumé or CV (an additional descriptive biography is optional)
  2. Artist statement
  3. Letter of introduction
  4. Ten or more electronic images of work completed within the last 5 years; images should be in jpg format and should not exceed 1mgb each
  5. Video works should be limited to ten minutes per segment and be compatible with either Windows or Mac platforms
  6. Checklist that includes the file name, title, medium, dimensions (or duration, for time-based work), and year completed

Submissions by email:
Electronic images and documents may be sent to: arts@albanyairport.com. Please keep the total size of your email to no more than 5mgb.

Submissions by website:
Artists who maintain websites that include all of the required submission materials may send a link to their website accompanied by a letter of introduction to: arts@albanyairport.com.

Submissions by standard mail:
All works to be considered should be presented in electronic form on either a CD or DVD. Supporting materials may be submitted electronically or in print. Mailed submissions will not be returned unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is included.

Mailing address:              
Albany International Airport
Attention: Art & Culture Program
737 Albany Shaker Rd.
Administration Building, Suite 200
Albany, NY 12211-1057

Important Considerations for Artists:
The Albany International Airport is a busy public venue, and its exhibition spaces present artwork that adheres to established public art content standards. We do not exhibit work that includes nudity, overt political references, offensive language, violence and natural or human-made disaster imagery.
Gallery spaces are largely unmonitored, and exhibitions remain on view for six months. While we take reasonable precautions to protect artwork, there may be pieces that are unsuitable for our environment due to inherent fragility, technical requirements, or expected mutability over the exhibition’s timeframe. All artwork is insured in transit and on the premises.
We appreciate the many inquiries and submissions from artists that we receive, however it’s not always possible for us to respond to each one. If you have questions regarding the receipt of your submission, please email arts@albanyairport.com. Note that our gallery exhibitions rotate every six months, so our selection cycle involves a much longer timeframe than most commercial galleries. 


  • Sculpture Installations and Site-Specific Projects

The Albany International Airport hosts temporary sculpture and site-specific projects in locations throughout the terminal. Artists living and/or working within 100 miles of Albany, NY may submit proposals for available spaces, which are then subject to a review process. Upon approval, site-specific projects are awarded a stipend of $3500, which is intended to fund all facets of design, development, fabrication and installation. An annual loan fee of $1000 is offered for existing sculptures that have been accepted for long-term loan. Both site-specific projects and sculptures must remain in place for a minimum of two years.

Proposals for sculpture and site-specific projects undergo rigorous review by individuals who assess artistic merit, compatibility with the airport’s public art standards, structural viability, fire safety and code compliance, as well as other considerations. While these are not permanent installations, they must be engineered to endure at least two years in a busy public space with fluctuating environmental conditions. Art & Culture Program staff periodically offer tours of available locations for interested artists; an on-site tour is mandatory prior to the submission of a proposal.

Proposals for site-specific installations must include the following:

  1. Letter of introduction
  2. Current résumé or CV (an additional descriptive biography is optional)
  3. Written description of proposed installation that details all materials, dimensions, weight estimation and production methods.
  4. Two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional renderings of the proposed work in-situ. Photographs and architectural drawings of the site can be provided upon request.
  5. Preliminary budget, including material and production costs, as well as any specialized equipment or transportation.

Proposals that are complete and meet the criteria required for public exhibition (see Important Considerations for Artists in this section) are reviewed by an appointed committee of independent, regional arts professionals, the Airport’s administration and Albany County Code Enforcement officials. Artists who wish to pursue a proposal for a site-specific or sculpture project should contact the Art & Culture Program office at 518.242.2241 or arts@albanyairport.com.