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September 9, 2016 - February 8, 2017

Betsy Brandt
Katie DeGroot
Sara Pruiksma
Joy Taylor

The abundance of life is so often appreciated by walking through a garden or along a forest path. The root stystems of wild orchids, mycorrhizal webs of mushrooms, and climbing tendrils of sweet pea all surge toward the same goal: bloom. A bloom is that profusion of growth and maturity in a plant's cycle that yields velvety petals dusted with pollen, golden clusters of chanterelles, or the bright chartreuse at the edge of a pond. And whether it lasts for an hour or a few days, a bloom might be a plant's most beautiful feature to behold. In this exhibition, four artists observe and imagine this botanical unfolding.


The work of Joy Taylor and Katie DeGroot appear courtesy of Gallerie Gris, Hudson, NY