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Migration House

Robert Hite
Reclaimed wood and metal

We all seek that elusive dwelling place called home: a shelter that can provide refuge for dreams and aspirations as well as protection from the elements. Migration House reflects that longing for stability, along with the fragile impermanence that often accompanies the pursuit of home.

Robert Hite carefully constructs his sculptures out of found and collected materials, and photographs them in various locations around the Hudson Valley. His rural southern upbringing and travels around the developing world inform his approach to architecture as a functional but poetic compilation of disparate available parts. The sculptures and lyrical, atmospheric photographs echo with the harsh necessities of poverty and transience, but also with resiliency and resourcefulness. Implied too in these rambling clusters and sharp-peaked towers is the habitation of a community, and the efforts of a collective to resist dissolution, the ravages of time and nature, rising together above the fray.