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Staying Power

June 17, 2016-January 2, 2017
Public Reception: June 17, 5:30-8:30pm

What compels a person to make art their life's work? In this exhibition, eleven artists reflect on their commitment to their practice through recognition and obscurity, doubt and devotion, breakthrough and failure. While artists often conveytheir stories through the objects they make, the video interviews presented here offer first-hand insights into the artists' earliest recollections of making art, how their careers and family impacted their creative process and how the inevitable factors of aging have both guided and girded their course.

Artists: Benigna Chilla, Susan Spencer Crowe, Jeanne Flanagan, Walter Hatke, Paul Katz, Bruno LaVerdiere, Edward Mayer, Margo Mensing, Thom O'Connor, Harry Orlyk, Barbara Takenaga

This exhibition is produced in tribute to Art & Culture Program founding director, Sharon Bates, who retires this year after 18 years of dedication to Albany International Airport and the cultural community of our region. It is the 37th exhibition she has curated for the Airport's third floor Gallery.

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