Downloadable Info

Following are pages that provide information about various aspects of the Airport. The pages are designed to be downloaded and used in presentations outlining the services available at the Albany International Airport.

As information changes, these sheets will be updated so please check back periodically for the most recent data.

You will need Adobe Reader to download these documents, click on the image if you don't already have it.

This page includes information about the airlines flying into Albany; nonstop destinations and one stop, same plane destinations. Other information includes WIFI, Information Center/Ambassadors, Business Center operations and meeting rooms.

Transportation and Parking
This page outlines parking options at the Airport, as well as bus, taxi and limousine service. It also includes hotel and JFK/LaGuardia shuttle service and car rental.

Nonstop Destinations
This page provides a map showing the nonstop destinations available from Albany International Airport.

Flight/Drive Times
This page lists the flight times from Albany to various cities in the Northeast. It also lists drive times from Albany to several cities in New York, Massachusetts and Vermont.

This page provides quick facts about the Airport such as runway length and tower operations, as well as lists details about Million Air, the Fixed Base Operator; hangar rental; air cargo and U.S. Customs.

Population Reach
This page provides the population base that can be reached from Albany at radiuses ranging from 100 miles to 500 miles.

Air Cargo
This page lists the air cargo carriers located at the Airport and provides contact information. It also contains a map showing the location of air cargo operations.

Airport Map
This page provides a map showing the road system surrounding the Airport and location of buildings on the Airport property.

Airport Emergency Contingency Plan
This plan has been prepared pursuant to §42301 of the FAA Modernization Act. This plan addresses diversions, excessive tarmac delays, and other irregular operations.

FAA Notice of Availability

FAA (FONSI) for I-87 EXIT 4 Project

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